some updates on progress

These days we were busy doing and preparing bunch of stuff which yet needs to see daylight. We had many questions and interest with SBC, and with some artists we went to finetune it for usage. It all goes slow because we are low in number and gladly helping building various kind of stuff with fun people. Along with some story book project we cooperated on some game projects which will soon be known more about.

We are also preparing bunch of assets for storybook usage, such as characters, drawings, items, buildings, trees…

Many stuff changed in storyBook also, one major that new ones will be only Unity 4.3.x compatibile! we did that because we wanted to avoid unity version differences which became too great compared from 3.5 and 4.3, and we think new unity 4.3 animation system is awesome, so it will fully support 4.3′s 2D animation system.

But tool is grown to be a beast, and does nice transitions, page managing, copying, creating atleats 10x faster than previous version! workflow is upgraded same as editor UI. Also i got many suggestions that i sell this tool too cheap, and with those new upgrades will need to go up in prices. So with new upgrades we will go raise price from 45$ to 100$, we were looking and thinking alot and we got this is right price for what it does.

In future we have plan to incorporate playMaker and pool Manager support.

Full list of new features should be released shortly and push of new version by next week.

Welcome to new NOW team web-place

We thought to get some organisation along with servers, webpage and blogs, because we used free service and that had few ads, we wanted to get rid of that for now.

This will be new official NOW team blog and with blog we did setup new forums, now hanging on our servers and without ads also, so could be much nicer experience.

We are working in background on systems of upgrading/purchasing for storyBook, and some content for it is upcoming so stay tuned.


just for fun old blog will stay online, and will have post leading to this one. And this one will be updated from NOW on :)

New Old Wave